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In memory of Otto Warmbier, an American college student and former North Korean detainee who died this afternoon, I'm doing a flash fundraiser for Liberty in North Korea. He was returned to the U.S. one week ago in a comatose state and died due to whatever the North Koreans subjected him to while he a prisoner of the regime. There are millions of North Koreans still trapped inside, some inside concentration camps the size of Los Angeles. I'm fundraising to help get one refugee out. Please help make Otto's memory a blessing. UPDATE: We raised enough to rescue one refugee in less than 90 minutes and have raised to goal to rescue two refugees. Thank you for your overwhelming support! UPDATE II: We reached the second refugee rescue in just three hours. Help us rescue a third in Otto's memory.

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Watch the video to see the threats that North Korean refugees face and how your donation can fund their journey to freedom and safety.
Right now, we are all raising funds to rescue In Seon.

In Seon

In Seon is in China after escaping the most repressive regime in the world: North Korea. But her journey to freedom has only just begun. She knows that if she’s caught, she’ll be sent back to North Korea and face torture, forced labor, or even internment in a political prison camp. Even if she evades capture, she’s in grave danger of being trafficked and falling victim to abuse and sexual exploitation. This, right now, is In Seon’s time of need. It’s up to us to step up and help her reach freedom and safety.

To protect the security of refugees and their families, we never reveal the real names, photos or stories of active refugee cases. In Seon is a pseudonym representing one of the next North Korean refugees who will be rescued through our networks. Photos shown are of refugees who are already safe, and stories are generic composites drawn from the hundreds of refugees we have already worked with. When In Seon reaches freedom and is safely resettled, we may share more details about their rescue and life in North Korea, but only if they feel comfortable sharing this information publicly. Many refugees choose to keep their stories private because of the risk to their family still inside North Korea.
To read stories and see photos of North Korean refugees who have bravely shared their stories with the public, visit our blog.

Is In Seon a real person?

$3,000 can fund the entire rescue journey for In Seon.


Provides food, clothing, and other necessities during the journey to safety.


Covers transportation costs throughout the 3,000-mile journey.


Provides shelter and accommodation along the way.


Includes all costs for fines, rescues fees, and our network of partners in the field.


Covers unforeseen expenses and emergency costs (e.g. medical needs).


Funds support for North Korean refugees after their resettlement.


100% of your donation will fund a rescue and refugee support.