About - Fundraising Campaign


#AllForOne means just that. All of us have gathered to pool our resources, time, and talents toward one collective goal: to help as many North Korean refugees reach safety and freedom as soon as possible. To do this, we are focusing the efforts of our global movement to fund one rescue at a time. Every $3,000 raised means the rescue of another North Korean refugee will be funded.

Since we began rescuing North Korean refugees in 2010 we have helped over 500 refugees reach freedom and safety. Every rescue has been funded by the generosity and fundraising efforts of thousands of people around the world who have all come together to support the North Korean people. #AllForOne is an online platform for people everywhere to join us in funding rescues for as many North Korean refugees as possible, one at a time.

This campaign is managed by the 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Liberty in North Korea.


North Korean refugees are playing an integral role in opening up the most closed society on the planet. Resettled refugees are sending millions of dollars back to their families inside through illicit networks each year. This money is fueling the grassroots marketization of the country and providing human security for those inside. Also, resettled North Koreans can re-establish contact with those still inside and are sharing information and truths about the outside world that undermine the regime’s ideological control.

This channel of money and information flowing back to North Koreans inside the country is helping to change and open up North Korea’s economy and society. By helping more refugees reach freedom and successfully resettle, we are accelerating this change inside the country.

We rescue North Korean refugees without any cost or condition to them, and put their safety and dignity first.

We rescue North Korean refugees without any cost or condition to them, and put their safety and dignity first. This is possible thanks to our global movement of supporters who fund each of these rescues.

Over the years and through working with hundreds of refugees, we have garnered information about rescue routes and established relationships with partners who can help us move refugees safely across borders. We are able to identify North Koreans who need our assistance by receiving referrals from safely resettled North Koreans who maintain contact with relatives and friends who also want to escape, and through our contacts on the ground who are able to identify and refer to us North Korean refugees who need assistance to make it to safety and freedom.

Our assistance starts soon after North Koreans escape across the river into China, and we guide and protect them as they travel thousands of miles out of China and into Southeast Asia. This journey is extremely dangerous as they must evade the Chinese authorities throughout the whole journey, so operational security is our number one priority. After this difficult journey, at times even travelling on foot, our staff in Southeast Asia assist refugees and inform them of their resettlement options as they prepare to make their final transition to a safe and free society.